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Entry #5

Long time no see

2012-06-23 13:32:29 by LEAXXX

as you can see, I haven't been here for a long time... so you guys must think on how many news I have...

well, these are not very important... but this is what I have right now:

_ I'm stiil un-scouted for the art portal, so I'm still f**king complaining of not being able to post anything here...

_I've made myself a DeviantART account, you can search for me by the name of "Mr-Asshole-LEAXXX"... I've submitted some art that I couldn't submit here for the reason I've described before...

_My brother made himself a Newgrounds account called "FALG"... Just to let you guys know

_I've became a brony

_For the ones who want a lot more of my art, you can check my Facebook profile (Leandro LangalĂș), to watch more digital art, more DEADPHOBIA, and also some humour made in spanish (drawn with a black pen in paper)

_As you've seen, I've changed my profile icon picture... I've made myself my wished mohawk!! yay!

_Remember to reccomend me for the art portal if you want me to submit more art in this site!


So I think that's it for today, see you next time people!


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