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Hello again / New arts / Thank you, people

2012-01-14 21:29:36 by LEAXXX

"Hello again":

As you can see I haven't made a "news post" for a long while... So, here I am again, watching new flash videos and other stuff and working on mine ones to post them on here... Newgrounds! Where else?

"New arts":

As you can see in the submitted art of my page, I've made some new ones for the ones who are really tired of watching DEADPHOBIA BULLS**T (as I like to call)... This ones are made with a program I've used to do another one I've made and posted in here (Paint.NET)...

But there're very bad news for the ones who expect more of them, or more of my art:
Last time I wanted to post another one made with Paint.NET, it came an advertising saying "UNSCOUTED LIMIT EXCEEDED"... And if the meaning of it is the one I think it is, I can't still posting art on my page until someone scout some of my art... I've tried many, many, many times to post that God damn thing, but I still receive that f**king message...

¬¬ (piece of s**t...)

"Thank you, people":

This is the best part of this boring message...

After a looooooooong, veeeeeery loooooong "vacation" on posting and watching Newgrounds, I decided to re-enter and post more... I've realized that no one really ever seen my hardly-made drawings... In all the time I went off from here!

So I decided to tell "Dan12905" and "TheShadling" (the last one didn't even paid ettention to the message I've sent to him) to reccomend a few people to watch my art... (in the moment, they were the only ones which I've had a talk... And they're still the only ones ¬¬)

As I remember, the next day, I went to see my art and I've made this face when I watched the "GIMENKON" drawing (the one who have seen it, will understand me):


that was the face... I suddenly realized that there were 3 reviews on it!

"That's amazing!!!" I thought... then I've started to watch the others and those had reviews too!! (I have to aclare that not ALL of the arts I've made were reviewed)... You guys really don't know how happy I was to get those news... :D

Soooo, "Dan12905", If you're watching this... Maaaaan, I'm thankfully grateful to show you my appreciation on what you did... I'm fully grateful...

So, thank you to have the time to tell people to watch my stuff... You really don't know how much I appreciate the effort you did...
Anything you need, just tell me... I'll be there just as you've been!

Also I have to thank "KIUghost" and "TheWierdComicGuy" to rate, review and watch the posts I'm talking about... i really appreciate the effort you guys made too!

(and yes... I know I'm being veeery "dramatic"... But it was something that I really wanted to do...)


huh... And there are some other news:
_ For the ones who are waiting for a "comic" called "JACK THE PUNK"... Don't wait more!

Because I will NOT do it... I accidentally lost the file and I don't have the mood to do it again now... So it will not be posted now... (Maybe never... I'm very lazy ¬¬)

_I'm working on my flash video to post in here (Newgrounds)... I'll give you an spoiler: It is called "Black chalk and drawed friendship"... It's very difficult to do it, because it's the first time I do one with a lot of content and a very long duration (maybe a bit longer than 3:49 minutes)...

I also have to think what to put in each part of it, because it's way too much difficult... And it's worse if I want to put a song too... ¬¬... MUCH WORSE IF THE FLASH I HAVE IS IN ENGLISH AND NOT IN SPANISH (I'm argentinian, by the way (unluckily))... And I don't even remeber how to insert an audio file in a flash video !!!!!



That's all I can say right now , I don't remember anything else to say right now... (Well, I'm agreed I remembered a lot... hahaha...)

So, see you next time, and keep watching my art!
I'm waiting for your comments and reviews!!

See you next time people!

LEAXXX (also known as "Mr. Asshole", just call me what you like... I don't give a f**k...)


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2012-01-14 21:55:46



LEAXXX responds:

I know, I made it very long...


2012-01-15 16:36:06

YAY, I feel special, :D
but that sucks you can't post more art, but I am excited to see your animating skills


2012-01-15 16:38:33

you can't post more!
damn it :(
But, I am happy your gonna make a flash :)


2012-01-15 16:40:48

I agree with what Dan said, although I'm glad to help, Im sad you can't post more

But I have an idea, for your animation, in the menu/preloader page, you should have a button that will take us to an art gallery, that would be cool

LEAXXX responds:

heeeeeey, nice idea!!!

I didn't think about that! thank you, man!


2012-01-15 16:42:22

lol, we all posted a comment within 2 minutes of each other