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Finally, I'm back!

2011-08-24 14:11:32 by LEAXXX

But a bit upset...

you'll see, I've been posting a lot of images on my profile and I still not receive any comment or rating of them...

I wonder why no one is able to see MY art as a normal art of ANOTHER profile... :I

anyways, I've been out of here by now because I've been busy doing/creating a "comic" called "JACK THE PUNK" (which I'm going to post when I finish the first part...)

But I did another DEADPHOBIA crap yesterday... and I've finished it today...

Hope someone realized about this post, because sometimes I think by myself "when someone will comment some of my art?" or "why I still don't get any comment or rating of my art and everyone else does?"

Anyways... here's the DEADPHOBIA crap I told you before (which I'm going to post it to comment/rate after this...):

see you then...

Finally, I'm back!


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2011-08-24 14:21:36

Interesting, i Really like the background writing....its neat if i was you i would do the same kinda thing but someting that really means something to you in the Center. The man is alright but personal preference says" He can do betta" :P Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see whats next. I Will be Watching 4 ur posts:P >. > ? < . <

LEAXXX responds:

well, at least someone have seen this one!

thanks for the comment anyways!


2011-12-07 23:31:49

Hi, welcome back buddy. sry I haven't been on our page in a while.
I miss your art and can't wait for your comic.

BTW: your not getting views and stuff cause it says you haven't been scouted.
If your not scout then your art isn't in the art portal, I already recommended you.
but more people have to for you to get scouted


2012-01-10 20:21:10

Welcome back man,